Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ad Absurdum v. 1.1 (or as Mortiis would have put it - A New Era)

Ni hade chansen. Ni tog den inte.
Jag bad om hjälp och jag bad om kommentarer men fick intet. Min besöksstatistik visar dock en stadig ström av besökare. Många dessutom från utlandet. Det hade naturligtvis varit enkelt att lägga ner Ad Absurdum helt och hållet.

Istället presenterar jag (hyfsat stolt) Ad Absrudum version 1.1 - helt på engelska. Ni mentalt underbegåvade språkmollusker som inte fattar utrikiska rekommenderas till en annan blogg -varför inte Hatpastorns Likpredikan eller någon annan eminent blogg som ni kan hitta på listan här till höger?
Ni som trots allt begriper engelska, inviterar jag till att stanna kvar här.

Here we go then. The people of Sweden appears to be dumb fucks whom doesen't know how to comment on my posts. It's either that or they are just lazy as hell and just wants to read my blogposts and then go do something completly different - perhaps play with their dolls. Since I am a Swede myself, I vote for the latter.

Anywho, on this here blog o' music - you will find lots of random rants and pointless lists that all have music in common. About 97% of the posts will be about heavy metal in one form or another. But you all knew this, otherwise you wouldn't be here. You probably also already know about the bands that I enjoy the most (Vintersorg, Arcturus, Borknagar, Otyg, My Dying Bride, Tiamat, Ásmegin, Moonspell, Arckanum etc.) and if not - you do now.

And as you may already have noticed, Swedish - not English - is my mother tounge. This means that there may or may not be many occations where I will write in Swenglish. I am not the most skilled English writer and I don't intend to be either. I intend to inform and educate you in the world of metal, because this is something that I think I do have quite a vast knowledge in.

So that's basicly it - welcome to Ad Absurdum - in English!

Oh, and I first intended to translate one or more of my old posts in Swedish, but we'll see about that...

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