Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Week, Another Friday, Volume #1

Back From The Grave!

Yeah, so I'll basically stop the top-list that I started way back in [something, something] and resurrect this blog with a completely new concept: Friday music!
Instead of making boring Spotify- or Grooveshark-lists, which every other idiot seems to be doing - I will try and get things back to basic. This is a compilation you'll be able to play whenever you want and you wont have to worry about certain songs magically vanishing just because Spotify, a recordlabel or a band have banned said song(s) and basically fucked you in the face.
This as old-school as it gets when it comes to da world wide web - namely an MP3-compilation, complete with lyrics to all the tracks and a unicorn-lovely cover painting that I most certainly spent 3 minutes putting together in Photoshop. So without further ado - here's the first volume of "Another Week, Another Friday". Guess which day of the week this blog will be updated henceforth? If you said monday, you just won a one-way ticket to Vänersborg.

The first compilation features the following songs:

1. Iron Maiden - Be Quick Or Be Dead (NWOBHM)
2. The Crown - Blitzkrieg Witchcraft (Death/Thrash metal)
3. Candlemass - If I Ever Die (Doom metal, though heavily speeded doom)
4. The Coffinshakers - Dracula Has Risen From The Grave (Vampire/Rockabilly Country...sort of)
5. Testament - Legions Of The Dead (Thrash metal)
6. Rollins Band - Step Back (Hardcore)
7. Morbid Angel - Chapel Of Ghouls (Old-skool death metal)
8. Motörhead - Burner (Heavy metal)
9. Darkthrone - Those Treasures Will Never Befall You (Punk/Crust/Black metal)
10. Coca Carola - Kullkastargränd (Swedish Trallpunk)

Also, please comment if you feel like there's too few songs on each volume, or if you like and/or dislike anything else. Whatevva.

Click here to download!


Tobias Nilsson said...

Holy fuck, this is like something out of a Romero or Fulci movie. It just won't stay down, ha ha!
Anyway, good to see you back (guess we're still going at this in Ye Olde English?)

Ah, the return of the majestic "mix-tape", although in a slightly updated version. Nice!

Henrik said...

Haha, jag gillar liknelsen där! :D

You can use whatever language you feel like. Well, as long as it's Swedish, English or Norweigian. No danish here, then I won't understand a damn thing... :P