Monday, October 10, 2011

The Light At The End Of The World - Part I - The Devil

This is the section where I will discuss, dissect and decipher records that does not exist. Records that were announced by either bands or labels but for some reason never saw the light of the day. I will try my best to bring as much clarity as I possibly can in the record that's being dissected and finally see how low or high the possibilites are, for the record to ever be released.
Perhaps you'll learn some weird facts that you didn't know earlier? Or did you already know that Anathema's sophomore album "The Silent Enigma" was originally planned to be called "Rise Pantheon Dreams" by their original vocalist Darren White? Later, said vocalist's new band The Blood Divine released a compilation under that very title? And did you know that Moonspell was close to name their 1998-album "Dereligious", before settling for "Sin/Pecado"?
But let's start now - and what better way to start this section than by scruntinizing one my all-time favourite bands!

Band: Otyg
Record: "Djävulen" (meaning "The Devil")
Style: Folk metal
First heard of: Right after "Sagovindars Boning" was released in 1999. The band disbanded in 2002.
Known facts: According to Daniel Fredriksson - who handled bass, willow-flute, keyed fiddle, mouth-harp and lute guitar in the band - he claimed that the man in charge (that's Andreas "Vintersorg" Hedlund for all you unknowing bastards) had written ALL of the music and most of the lyrics. Here are his exact words regarding "Djävulen":

"The music I heard was really amazing… More progressive and innovative than before, and with a little 70:s vibe to it, sometimes... The lyrics were dark tales revolving around the folkloristic images and stories of the devil. But we never got to record anything or even really rehearse most songs so I can't tell you much more about it. But it is a pity it never got recorded."

Other things that we do know about the record are three titles:
"Dans På Blåkulla" (meaning "Dance At Blåkulla")
"Kontraktet" (meaning "The Contract")
"Gastkramad" (meaning "Ghosthugged")
The last song, "Gastkramad" was played live once during the band's last concert in Holland and can be found (along with the lyrics to the three songs) at the ultimate Otyg-page I Trollskogens Drömmande Mörker.

Possibility of ever being released: When asked about an Otyg-resurrection, Daniel Fredriksson is quick to say that he'd be cool with it if it felt right and that everyone in the band still are good friends. The main thing here is of course the fact that Mr. Vintersorg is busy being a parent, a teacher and participating in Vintersorg, Borknagar, Cronian, Fission, Waterclime and Gravisphere. Although, one should not forget that the last Vintersorg album "Jordpuls" was a gigantic leap back in the woods - at least lyricwise. Perhaps the time has come to resurrect Otyg? But of course the question then will be - will the band go back and finish "Djävulen" or will they go for a fresh start? If they do get back together, I think that the possibilities of ever hearing "Djävulen" is very, very low.

I am very curious to hear your thoughts on this subject.


Tobias Nilsson said...

Tja, Gastkramad är ju helt sjukt bra, så jag ville älska att höra resten av plattan.

Vintersorg (bandet) är ju helt klart på väg att gå längs gamla stigar mer och mer, hel-svenska texter från Solens Rötter, stilen på texterna som du själv nämner på Jordpuls, och vi vet ju att Cia sjunger på nästa platta och att den kommer att innehålla en låt som sägs vara en slags uppfölgare till en låt ifrån Hedniskhjärtad EP'n.

Men om det innebär ett återupplivande av Otyg är nog dessvärre tveksamt, även om jag ville jubla högt om det hände.
Om vi säger, rent hypotetiskt, att de återförenades, och vad det så ville betyda för Djävulen..? Tja, han är ju känd för att aldrig kasta bort idéer, och återavnvänder gärna saker från förr, men om det ville gälla för en hel platta är svårt att säga... Om den kom så vill det nog inte vara utan ändringar från den gången dock, han har ju trots allt utvecklat sin stil en hel del de senaste tio åren.ari

shankao said...

Very interesting section Henrik! Now, you could update the post with Matte & Andreas information... :)